HELAAS Young Scholars

This page aims at bringing together all young scholars (postgraduate students, PhD candidates and early career researchers) who are members of HELAAS who are interested in promoting certain research initiatives, participate in international conferences plus organize research-oriented events to take place alternatively in Athens and Thessaloniki.

The main objective of HELAAS is to strengthen the communication and dialogue between its junior members, offer them practical experience plus connect them with other postgraduate communities in Europe.

Sharing Critical Testimonies of Wellness in Times of Crisis

3rd HELAAS Young Scholar Symposium

February, 2022

Conflict and Negotiation in American Culture(s)

2nd HELAAS Young Scholar Symposium

September 12-19, 2020
Digital edition

Exploring Trends and New Directions in American Studies

1st HELAAS Young Scholar Symposium

December 7-8, 2018
The American College of Greece, Athens

HELAAS Young Scholar Representative 2019-2023

Dr. Katerina Delikonstantinidou (d.e.katia@hotmail.com)

HELAAS Young Scholar Representative 2014-2018

Dr. Despoina N. Feleki (dfeleki@enl.auth.gr)

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